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  2. About Royal Statistical Society

    The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is a learned society for statistics and a professional body for statisticians in the UK. It was founded in 1834 as the Statistical Society of London, in the same week that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were sentenced (see History of Teaching Statistics). Among the RSS's most famous former members is Florence Nightingale, who became the society's first female member in 1858. Other notable former presidents of the Society are William Beveridge and Harold Wilson

    It became the Royal Statistical Society in 1887, and merged with the Institute of Statisticians in 1993. Today the society has 7,200 members in the UK and the rest of the world, only around 1,500 of whom are professionally qualified.

    The RSS team reached the finals of University Challenge: The Professionals 2006. They were beaten 230 to 125 by the Bodleian Library, Oxford. They had previously beaten the Granta team in the first round (first broadcast on 24 July) before going on to beat the team from Prospect Magazine 280 points to 115 in the semi-final, broadcast on 31 July.

    The RSS organises an annual conference, the next being at the University of York in July 2007, and awards Guy Medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze, in honour of William Guy,"