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    Russian ( (and is one of three (or, according to some authorities, four) living members of the East Slavic languages; the others being Belarusian and Ukrainian (and possibly Rusyn, often considered a dialect of Ukrainian).

    Written examples of Old East Slavonic are attested from the 10th century onwards. While Russian preserves much of East Slavonic grammar and a Common Slavonic word base, modern Russian exhibits a large stock of borrowed international vocabulary for politics, science, and technology. Due to the status of the Soviet Union as a superpower, Russian had great political importance in the 20th century. Hence, the language is still one of the official languages of the United Nations.

    Russian has palatal secondary articulation of consonants, the so-called soft and hard sounds. This distinction is found in almost all consonant phonemes and is one of the most distinguishing features of the language. Another important aspect is the reduction of unstressed vowels, which is not entirely unlike that of English. Stress in Russian is generally quite unpredictable and can be placed on almost any syllable. Syllabic stress is one of the most difficult aspects for foreign language learners.

    NOTE. Russian is written in a non-Latin script. All examples below are in the Cyrillic alphabet, with transcriptions in IPA."

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    1. We needed to solve the web search problem not just in American English, but also in Arabic, in Russian, in Chinese, and in every language on the planet.
      In Arabian Business English edition
    2. Our surveys do not stop on that. We have received a great deal of applications to include Russian language in Dilmanc and we already have a developed technology that can be applied for these ends. We, however, do not wan to restrict ourselves with Russian language and plan to add the main European languages to the system.
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    3. The beginning of the joint company would be a major contribution to the Russian-Mongolian cooperation and promote the expansion of trade and economic cooperation between our countries.
      In JV "Dornod Uranium" mentioned