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    2. Global Artificial Intelligence Retail Market 2017-2022: Increasing Necessity for Superior Surveillance and Monitoring at Physically Present Retail Stores

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    1. Multicore processors represent one of the largest technology transitions in the computing industry today, with deep implications for how we develop software. At the same time, the emergence of software as a service creates new R&D needs for very large-scale datacenters for service delivery.
      Rick Rashid in Supercomputing Expert Daniel Reed Joins Microsoft Research
    2. The addition of the automated compliance engine category and new service providers within Point give our customers real-time and seamless access to compliance audit results.
      Dennis Boggs in Calyx Point Loan Origination System Users Rely on ComplianceEase ...
    3. For a hosted service such as ComplianceAnalyzer, success depends on a highly reliable, high performance infrastructure that can continue to quickly scale without the fear of service interruption.
      In ComplianceEase Standardizes on Fujitsu to Improve Reliability of ...