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    1. Any consumer-involved business, from multinationals to local outlets, can benefit by monitoring social data feeds for functions such as reputation management, customer service, product quality, market research and competitive intelligence.
      In Tweets and Facebook updates are valuable to more than social networks
    2. Social data provides a fast, wide, and unscripted picture of public opinion and nicely complements established research methods such as surveys and focus groups.
      In Tweets and Facebook updates are valuable to more than social networks
    3. Monitoring is just how you've been mentioned and how many times. … Sentiment analysis is going to go beyond that.
      In Banks Deploy Artificial Intelligence to Deepen Understanding of Customers
    4. Social is a very fast-moving world, and it would be hard for SAP to support the kind of research and development necessary to keep up in natural language processing and analysis.
      In SAP Tries To Leapfrog Salesforce.com On Social Analysis
    5. Credit-card purchases do form an objective spending record, but they're neither comprehensive -- each of us also uses cash, debit, electronic transfers, even PayPal -- nor 100 percent reliable for predictive purposes.
      In Citigroup spinoff draws recommendations from transactions
    6. Content analytics is the key to extracting business value from social media and text-rich online and enterprise information sources, an essential technology for marketing, online commerce, customer service, and improved search and Web experience. Given the mind-boggling growth in information volumes, no wonder uptake is booming, powered by rapid technical advances from leading-edge vendors such as OpenText.
      In OpenText Licensing Agreement Brings Advanced Content Analytics to Market