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    2. A Study of Academic Collaborations in Computational Linguistics using a Latent Mixture of Authors Model

      ...like work previously done by either of the authors. 5.2.4 Example: Catalyst Paper Answer Extraction (2000) by Steven Abney, Michael Collins, Amit Singhal This paper had a very low MaxSim score, as well as the presence of...
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    3. Google Awards First Grants for New Digital Humanities Research Program

      Google Awards First Grants for New Digital Humanities Research ProgramChronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)"Meeting the Challenge of Language Change in Text Retrieval with Machine Translation Techniques." *Brian Geiger, University of California-Riverside, ...and more »
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    4. Method and system for describing and identifying concepts in natural language text for information retrieval and processing

      ...those collectively known as partial parsers 840, an instance of which is the partial parser Cass2 produced by Steven Abney. See Abney, S., "Part-of-Speech Tagging and Partial Parsing," InK. Church, S. Young, and G. Bloot...
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