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    SYSTRAN, founded by Dr. Peter Toma in 1968, is one of the oldest machine translation companies. SYSTRAN has done extensive work for the United States Department of Defense and the European Commission.

    SYSTRAN provides the technology for Yahoo!, AltaVista's (Babel Fish) and most of the language combinations offered by Google's language tools, among others.

    Commercial versions of SYSTRAN run under Microsoft Windows (including Windows Mobile), Linux and Solaris."

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    1. Conversations are now taking place on a global scale and SYSTRAN continues to lead the industry in delivering innovations for online translation services.
      Dimitris Sabatakakis in Systran Offers Online Translation Service for Social Media Feeds
    2. SYSTRAN's unique hybrid technology, which uses both deep linguistic analysis and self-learning, outperforms any other approach.
      Dimitris Sabatakakis in Systran Awarded a First Place Ranking for Translation Quality at ...
    3. Systran's exclusive customization methodology includes the creation of dictionaries and the building of translation models from translated content.
      In Language Translation Server Targeted At Enterprise