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    1. In the UAE, we are committed to ensuring that our graduates have these skills and attributes. We prepare them to participate in the resolution of global issues and concerns.
      In Translation conference aims to enhance knowledge base
    2. We are honoured to announce today the launch of a doctoral program in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the first of its kind in the country. This launch builds on the role of the university in leading scientific research in the UAE. It is also significant as we continue to elevate the quality of our research output for use in driving the growth of our Nation. The program aims at building up a national specialized framework in scientific research, and provides solutions to the issues facing the country on both human and social levels.
      In UAEU launches first PhD program in humanities and social sciences in UAE
    3. Emirates e-Management is the ideal company to represent us, as it has a track record in serving an array of government agencies in the region. We are confident that together we will succeed in bringing about huge improvements in customer service in the UAE. We have already seen a great deal of interest since ArtiSol's UAE office was opened three months ago.
      In Regional office of ArtiSol appoints Emirates e-Management Group as its exclusive UAE representative