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    1. We are honored to have the opportunity to present our collaboration with the Putra University of Malaysia at IAEA and to continue to serve students and educators in Asia with our technologies.
      Paul Edelblut in Vantage Learning to Present Collaboration with Putra University of Malaysia at 36th ...
    2. With this new production, we pay a well-deserved tribute to the University of Salsa, which is how this iconic group is called. Our mission is to bring joy through their music. It's not a documentary, but it is a project that shows this Salsa institution and many who appreciate them doing what they love the most, playing music.
      In Digitalsmiths Wins 2010 Streaming Media North America Readers' Choice Award
    3. Analysis of the Depositions — an unparalleled resource in Europe held by Trinity College Dublin and running to some 19,000 manuscript pages or about 2.7 million words — has also provided insight into the everyday lives of those who gave their accounts of the rebellion, with the language used revealing the social, economic, cultural and political situation in 17th century Ireland. The project, designed and led by Dr Barbara Fennell, Senior Lecturer in Language and Linguistics at the University of Aberdeen, also brought together computer specialist Dr Deirdre O'Regan, language specialist Dr Mark Sweetnam, and historian Dr Elaine Murphy, with Dr Seamus Lawless, a digital humanities specialist from Trinity College, Dublin, acting as an honorary team member. This mix of different subject areas allowed the team to expand the usability of the language software for older varieties of English and has paved the way for use on other
      In New insights into the 1641 Irish Rebellion revealed