1. University of Southern California

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  2. About University of Southern California

    , USA, was founded in 1880, making it California's oldest private research university.

    USC is one of the most selective universities in the United States, admitting 8,634 of the almost 34,000 who applied for freshman admission in 2006 for a 25% admissions rate. According to the freshman profile, 18% of admissions were associated with legacy preferences. USC was also named "College of the Year 2000" by the editors of TIME magazine and the Princeton Review for the university's extensive community-service programs. In its 2007 ranking of "America's Best Colleges", U.S. News & World Report ranked USC 27th among all universities in the United States. Residing in the heart of a global city, USC has established one of the most diverse institutions in the world, with students from all 50 states as well as over 115 countries.

    USC is also home to Nobel Prize winning Chemistry Professor George Olah, director of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute. The university also has two National Science Foundation–funded Engineering Research Centers—the Integrated Media Systems Center and the Center for Biomimetic Microelectronic Systems. In addition, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security selected USC as its first Homeland Security Center of Excellence. Since 1991, USC has been the headquarters of the NSF and USGS funded Southern California Earthquake Center.

    USC is the largest private employer in Los Angeles and is responsible for $4 billion in economic output in Los Angeles County; USC students spend $406 million yearly in the local economy and visitors to the campus add another $12.3 million. USC and its partner institutions have recently completed or soon will be constructing 27 new buildings, which will provide nearly 8.1 million square feet (750,000 m²) of new space for research, teaching, patient care, and student life enrichment.

    USC men's and women's athletics have won 84 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championships, third best in the nation, trailing only UCLA and Stanford. Note that the NCAA does not include football championships in its calculation. If it did, USC's 11 football championships would bring the total to 95. USC men's teams have combined for 86 national championships, the best in the nation. In addition, USC has 347 Individual NCAA Championships, best in the nation. The men's 296 Individual Championships are best in the nation and 50 ahead of second place Michigan."