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    1. While there are many search start-ups, the veteran search brainpower behind Cuill makes anyone sit-up and take notice. Yet Cuill has also been careful not to hype itself, to the degree few know much about it. I'm thrilled that attendees will be among the first to learn more about Cuill's plans, plus hear Louis's insights on search.
      Danny Sullivan in Search Marketing Expo - Smx West Announces 'Future of Search ...
    2. Building a large-scale semantic search engine is expensive, requiring an engineering effort and computing resources beyond what most start-ups could ever imagine.
      Mark Johnson in Yahoo seeks search-ad revenue with 'Boss' project
    3. StockMood.com was one of the stand-out start-ups at TechCrunch50, providing intelligent information to a professional audience to help them make better and faster business decisions.
      In TechCrunch50 Honors StockMood.com With the Thomson Reuters Award for Best Business-to-Professionals Start-Up