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    2. Nvidia : Boston'S Appliance Promises To Deliver Lightning Fast, Absolute Performance To Hpc And Deep Learning Workloads With Infinite Computing Needs

      ... NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs. The supersized GPU solution will have its world debut on stand (428) at the (GTC), , USA 9th-11th May. Accelerated solutions such as the Boston ANNA Pascal XL, are redefining what is possible for...
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    1. When American parties start doing e-discovery outside of the U.S. they prefer to do it there because they are often leery of the USA PATRIOT Act.
      In E-Discovery Faces a Language Barrier
    2. We are excited to work closely with Honyaku Corporation and its subsidiary, Honyaku USA, to manage multi-language documents across the international litigation market.
      John Tredennick in Catalyst Partners With Honyaku Corporation to Offer Enhanced Language Services to the International E-Discovery Market