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    1. When American parties start doing e-discovery outside of the U.S. they prefer to do it there because they are often leery of the USA PATRIOT Act.
      In E-Discovery Faces a Language Barrier
    2. We are excited to work closely with Honyaku Corporation and its subsidiary, Honyaku USA, to manage multi-language documents across the international litigation market.
      John Tredennick in Catalyst Partners With Honyaku Corporation to Offer Enhanced Language Services to the International E-Discovery Market
    3. Today we live in a global world where ad folk can easily change countries and continents. But the truth is, every market has a very distinct and unique culture—what's considered a creative way to apply for a job in the USA might be considered arrogant in Asia.
      In An Ad School Just Opened Inside a Chatbot. Is It Any Good?