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    1. We wanted to push the envelope and change the conversation on how machine translation is perceived in business and enterprise today.
      In Microsoft WPC 2012: Help save languages with the Translator Hub
    2. No matter who you are, or what business you are, you will encounter different languages.
      In Microsoft WPC 2012: Help save languages with the Translator Hub
    3. Using the Hub, users can improve and optimize the translation quality for a specific area of terminology and style.
      In Microsoft Announces Commercial Availability of Translator Hub
    4. Lionbridge has done a remarkable job with GeoFluent.
      In Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. : Lionbridge Selected to Present GeoFluent Real Time Translation at 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
    5. The collaborative translations feature that we released as a technology preview last year is now complete, and adds a user and role management system that enables site owners to collaborate with their visitors, trusted translators and moderators to tailor the translations to their content.
      In Microsoft Translator Upgraded with New Features and UX
    6. Delivered in this release is also a dashboard to moderate and approve translation edits in bulk. The site owner and the invited users can utilize the dashboard to approve, moderate or hide alternative translations in bulk.
      In Microsoft Translator Upgraded with New Features and UX
    7. I am happy to announce the addition of seven new languages to our translation service. As always, they will be immediately available for your use through the APIs and all the products that consume the service. Here is the list of languages that have been added in the latest release. In addition there have been several updates to the Haitian Creole language since .
      In Bing Translator Evolves with 7 New Languages
    8. We continue to work on adding even more languages to the service, so please keep sending us feedback and stay tuned for other announcements on this blog.
      In Bing Translator Evolves with 7 New Languages
    9. Please don't forget the broad set of APIs and webmaster resources that are available for those that are building applications and websites to help with the relief efforts. There are several efforts underway to develop mobile apps (using the SOAP or HTTP API) and websites (using the AJAX API). If you are working on something along those lines, leave a link to your app/site in the comments and I will make sure to surface them up here so people can find them more easily.
      In Microsoft Updates the Haitian Creole Translation System
    10. This is an experimental system put together in record time. While our typical approach to adding new languages involves significantly larger amounts of training, a higher threshold for quality testing – we decided that the upside warranted making the system available to the community at the earliest, and continue improving it subsequently. We are working diligently to keep improving the quality, but bear with us if you encounter problems. You can always contact us at mtcont at microsoft.com with feedback.
      In Bing Translator Now Supports Haitian Creole