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    2. Parameter Estimation for Statistical Parsing Models: Theory andPractice of Distribution-Free Methods.

      Chapter 1 PARAMETER ESTIMATION FOR STATISTICAL PARSING MODELS: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF DISTRIBUTION-FREE METHODS Michael Collins MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 200 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA 02193, USA mcollins@ai.mit.edu Abstract A fundamental problem in statistical parsing is the choice of criteria and algorithms used to estimate the parameters in a model. The predominant approach in computational linguistics has been to use a parametric model with ...
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  2. About Yoav Freund

    Yoav Freund is a researcher and professor at the University of California, San Diego who mainly works on machine learning, probability theory and related fields and applications.

    From his homepage:

    My main area of research is computational learning theory and the related areas in probability theory, information theory, statistics and pattern recognition. I work on applications of machine learning algorithms in bio-informatics, computer vision, network routing and high-performance computing.

    He is probably best-known for his work on the AdaBoost algorithm, a meta-learning algorithm which is used to combine many "weak" learning machines to create a more robust one. He received the Gödel prize in 2003 for his work on AdaBoost with Robert Schapire."