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    2. Method and system for describing and identifying concepts in natural language text for information retrieval and processing

      ... Cass2 produced by Steven Abney. See Abney, S., "Part-of-Speech Tagging and Partial Parsing," InK. Church, S. Young, and G. Bloothooft (Eds.), Corpus-Based Methods in Language and Speech. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dord...
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    3. Learning to Map Sentences to Logical Form: StructuredClassification with Probabilistic Categorial Grammars.

      Learning to Map Sentences to Logical Form: Structured Classification with Probabilistic Categorial Grammars Luke S. Zettlemoyer and Michael Collins MIT CSAIL lsz@csail.mit.edu, mcollins@csail.mit.edu Abstract This paper addresses the problem of mapping natural language sentences to lambda–calculus encodings of their meaning. We describe a learning algorithm that takes as input a training set of sentences labeled with expressions in the lambda calculus. The algorithm ...
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    1. Young careerists often have difficulty tailoring letters and e-mails to their specific audience, often using prose that is too informal and influenced by IM and social network chat. WhiteSmoke can help them tidy up their writing in the workplace.
      Liran Brenner in Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea: Give the Write Gift for 2008 Job ...
    2. Just sitting here in my office at Microsoft, looking around, I'm surrounded by young CMU researchers we've hired because they're the best and the brightest in AI.
      Eric Horvitz in CMU at forefront in building thinking machines
    3. The addition of Microsoft Research to the New England technology community is a welcome one that should expand and diversify the types of research being conducted here, as well as help to keep the brightest young minds working in the area.
      In Microsoft Research New England Kicks Off New Era in Computer Science