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    1. We saw results almost immediately after implementing Inbenta on our Zendesk powered support site. In the first two months alone, the percentage of unanswered questions went down, from 21.83% to 8.29% and our click-through ratio increased by 34.4%.
      In Grasshopper Reduces the Number of Incoming E-mails by Using Inbenta on
    2. Zendesk already has a large amount of international customers. We built this app in order to empower companies using Zendesk to serve their customers anywhere in the world, regardless of language, and to enable them to grow across territories.
      Jani Penttinen in Transfluent to Launch Translation App for Zendesk Customer Service Platform
    3. We are excited to partner with Zendesk, who has set a high standard for beautiful and simple customer care software. TRIBES complements this approach by automatically delivering only the social posts that are actionable by customer care agents.
      Michael Petit in OpenAmplify Announces First Integration With Zendesk for TRIBES(TM) Social CRM Solution