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    1. Publisher: Stock Market Quotes and Financial News
      Soundwall delivers on next generation desires in a way that celebrates art forms that have always engaged and inspired.
      - In Hotel Guests Ask "Smart Art" for Service via New IoT Offering
    2. Publisher: Stock Market Quotes and Financial News
      By offering a single, integrated platform capable of serving all of an enterprises' analytics needs, including self-service data visualization, data preparation, embedded machine learning and predictive analytics, Oracle Analytics Cloud helps businesses improve efficiencies and drive innovation.
      - In Oracle : Named a Leader in 2017 Analyst Evaluation for Enterprise BI Platforms with Majority Cloud Deployments
    3. Publisher: searchbusinessanalytics.techtarget.com
      There isn't an office with an office manager looking at spreadsheets.
      - In Barbecue chain eyes Alexa to augment BI dashboards in kitchens
    4. Publisher: PRWeb::The Online Visibility Company
      Rembach is a tremendous gain to our team of domain experts. We have great AI deep learning, natural language processing, dialog management, linguistic, and cloud computing experts, , and now we have a great contact center and customer experience expert.
      - In Artificial Intelligence Gets A Boost In Customer Experience Impact And Is Poised to Dominate the Contact Center Industry
    5. Publisher: The Hindu Business Line
      Ever since we launched our app in 2015, we have witnessed a 300 per cent increase in our conversations with our users. This also gave us enough confidence to extend our business from just being a content-driven community for parents to become a platform that serves and addresses all their needs.
      - In BabyChakra to turn into marketplace for maternity and childcare products
    6. Publisher: mobihealthnews
      The innovations these companies bring to the accelerator have the potential to dramatically improve and streamline the delivery of healthcare.
      - In Cedars-Sinai accelerator's new class includes voice assistant, chatbot, blood-draw tool, and more
    7. Publisher: MSNBC
      We're quantifying what wasn't quantifiable before.
      - In Earnings calls when artificial intelligence can do it better
    8. Publisher: CIO News
      The joint solution will also enable banking customers to initiate conversations on the bank's online and mobile applications and complete transactions without leaving the chat interface.
      - In Infosys: Infosys arm to offer chat-based service to banking customers, IT News, Et Cio
    9. Publisher: Stock Market Quotes and Financial News
      Over the past 50 years, we have developed close relationships with many public safety organisations and commercial customers in the UK.
      - In Motorola : sets out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in the Uk
    10. Publisher: Ecommerce Software
      The AI behind Chatbot is developed enough to train the chatbots on a limited set of topics.
      - In HR Chatbots: How AI Can Help Onboard and Train Your Retail Employees
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